Prevention of custacean disease

TWINSTAR Shrimp is designed to prevent crustacean disease. Because fish disease is different with crustacean disease about hereditary factor, Shrimp use different way to prevent disease with Super S and mini S. So TWINSTAR Shrimp only be used in shrimp aquarium. TWINSTAR Shrimp can effectively prevent disease and make safe environment, so baby shrimp can grow healthy. Growth rate of baby shrimp also can be increased. To some extent, TWINSTAR Shrimp also can inhibit algae in shrimp aquarium.

Does Shrimp also have performance for inhibiting algae?

Even though Shrimp has performance for inhibiting algae, it doesn’t work more than NANO and mini. Shrimp is designed to prevent crustacean disease, totally different with NANO and mini. Please select different model for your purpose. Environment in aquarium is more complicated than we thought. Especially please use TWINSTAR Shrimp in shrimp aquarium.

Is fish disease same as shrimp disease?

No, they are different.

Is it available if using mini S in shrimp aquarium?

No, Please use TWINSTAR Shrimp in shrimp aquarium.

If using NANO/mini or S series in shrimp aquarium, is there any influence to shrimp? Will shrimp die if they touch the Reactor?

NANO/mini or S series can not be used in shrimp aquarium, it will make bad influence to shrimp. Shrimp will not die if they touch Reactor. Shrimp may be frightened when Reactor is operating, but they will not die.