The smart way to inhibit algae and prevent fish desease in aquarium

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Algae inhibition effect of TWINSTAR

TWINSTAR inhibits green algae effectively without a harmful influence on aquarium ecological environment, and keeps aquarium clean by eliminating spores from the initial propagation.

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Improved plant´s growth

Plant´s growth at initial time of planted aquarium and makes balance environment quickly.

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Prevention of fish desease

It´s powerful and smart sterilizer for prevention of fish desease inflow irregularly. TWINSTAR kills fish desease or mold spores inflow irregularly from outside or inhibits the growth of them to keep aquarium fish safe. It is designed not to affect important biological balance for preservation of closed ecosystem, so the user can manage the aquarium easily, safely and prevent fish desease.

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Prevention of crustacean desease

TWINSTAR SHRIMP Inventing entirely new technology meant saving your lovely shrimp from a crustacean desease.